Quarries and Materials

Giallo California

Monte Santo explores the original Giallo California Quarry, a top-class and world-known material, famous for its homogeneous beautiful diagonal patterns.

The Quarry

Giallo California Quarry in the city of Dores de Guanhães, Minas Gerais State, is for sure one of the biggest granite quarries in Brazil.

We are using a very organized extraction scheme in different mountain fronts. All our workers and technical crew have proven experience in stone extraction; some of them have been working in the quarry for more than fifteen years.

Giallo California is a medium-hardness stone. Normally, we combine low-charge explosive and diamond-wire cutting technology for quarry opening; this ensures that the materials are healthy to the greatest extend.

The Material

Giallo California is for sure one of the most desired granites in the world, although its movement and rich drawing have an exotic appearance, it's classified as a classic material, for it has been broadly used in first class constructions for more than 15 years.

Its elegance and grace gives the architects and designers a sharp tool to reach the taste of a sophisticated public. In the Giallo California Projects section of our site one can see some projects done with this granite.

Technical Aspects of the Giallo California

Testing Reports for Giallo California
Bulk specific gravity 2.627 Kg/m³
Porosity 0,63%
Absortion 0,24%
Frictional wear test by amsler machine 0,71 mm
Impact test 55 cm
Unconfined compressive strenght test 168,3 MPa
Modulus of rupture (flexural strenght) test 9,3 MPa
Ithermal linear expansion coefficient 0,0086 + - 0,0004 mm/m/°C

Analysis by IPT-SP (Technological Research Institute of São Paulo State - Brazil)